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                            has the strongest product innovation capability and special plane product research and development and manufacturing system in the industry.

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                            Electro-hydraulic Servo Hydraulic Test System

                            DF61 series hydraulic universal test system is suitable for high-precision and reliable tensile, compression, bending, shear and other tests on high-strength samples of different shapes and sizes. The test force range covers 300kN-2000kN. The DF61 series has a high-strength host frame and a compact integrated oil source. At the same time, the test system adopts high-precision electro-hydraulic servo unit and high-speed digital closed-loop controller to control the hydraulic actuators, which can realize the test of force control, displacement control or strain control.

                            Dual space configuration, compact structure, to meet multiple types of testing requirements,
                            liquid village wedge clamping, convenient clamping, sample does not slip,
                            a compact and highly integrated hydraulic power unit,
                            high resolution and sampling frequency to realize high precision and high accuracy measurement,
                            a high-precision load sensor with an accuracy of 0.5,
                            high frequency response hydraulic servo control, fast response speed.
                            new products, new technologies and new applications
                            Into the medium-sized machine test/ About Sinotest
                            China Machine Test Equipment Co., Ltd.

                            (abbreviated as: China Machinery Test SINOTEST) was founded in 1959, (formerly known as Changchun Testing Machine Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, formerly known as Changchun Mechanical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary of China Machinery Industry Group, a large central enterprise in the world. It is the national testing machine quality supervision and inspection center and the supporting unit of the National Testing Machine Standardization Committee. The National Testing Machine Industry Association and the secretariat of the Association are all located in China Machinery Test, known as "the cradle of China's testing machine technology". It is the leading enterprise with the strongest innovation ability in China's experimental equipment industry.

                            China Machine Test is a national-level scientific and technological innovation enterprise with "test equipment" research and development and manufacturing as its main business. In 2020, it was recognized as a national-level specialized and new "little giant" enterprise, and was successfully selected into the National Enterprise Technology Center in 2021. Selected as the "Science Reform Demonstration Enterprise" of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council ". The company currently has 120 patents, including 61 invention patents, 30 software copyrights and 29 utility models. The company presided over the formulation of 30 national standards and 42 industry standards. China Machine Test has undertaken 4 special projects of major national scientific instruments. Three of them have been accepted by the state, and the "high temperature and high frequency in-situ testing technology and application" project currently being implemented is filling the technical gap in relevant fields of the country through scientific research results. China Machine Test continues to innovate, has a number of international cutting-edge core technologies in the test equipment industry, and has solved a number of national "stuck neck" technical problems. Among them, a number of key technologies such as static pressure support technology and measurement and sensing technology have been in the world Leading position.

                            Zhongji Test is a provider of engineering test equipment and material test solutions in China. It has the strongest product innovation capability and special plane product R & D and manufacturing system in the industry. It is a high-end solution provider for the whole industry chain that covers the development of unit components, the manufacture of finalized products, the customization of personalized special plane products and the overall construction of the laboratory. At present, China Machine Test has formed an industrial layout of one center and two bases, with R & D centers in Beijing and manufacturing bases in Changchun and Wuxi. China Machine Test focuses on the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, promotes the development of China's test equipment technology and industry, and makes unremitting efforts for the rise of national industry!

                            In the industry's largest, the most competitive and influence of science and technology innovation enterprise
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                            provides you with all-round one-stop laboratory construction solutions from scheme planning and design, equipment selection and certification.
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                            has the most professional marketing and after-sales service team in the industry, providing you with all-round pre-sales consultation, after-sales service and related issues consultation services.

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                            Information Center
                            Party building
                            Human resources
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